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In 1930 Edward Bach identified 38 flowers that have the power to heal negative emotions. The essences of these flowers are combined in Bach flower remedies. When identifying the exact combination, the power of Bach’s remedies can be simply amazing. Using two flowers the possible combinations are 1,406, using 7 flowers the possible combinations exceed 60 billion.



At first, I was skeptical, partly because I didn’t believe in it, partly because the remedies are effective only if the exact combination is identified, and finally because what is observed can be a placebo effect. However, in 1995 a friend asked me to create a questionnaire and software for identifying Bach flower remedies.


I stopped being skeptical when twenty-five years later I received Benny, an extremely aggressive dog. He snarled and attacked my wife Antonella. The vet had prescribed expensive and ineffective remedies, and we were on the verge of taking Benny to the kennel when Antonella read on the internet that similar problems had been solved with Bach flowers remedies. I took the questionnaire and filled it describing Benny’s behavior as faithfully as possible. As soon as I gave Benny the first drops of the remedy, he became calm and started asking Antonella for cuddles. Failing to explain this behavior as a placebo effect, I bought Edward Bach’s original books, reformulated the questionnaire, and rewrote the software using a more powerful algorithm. A few days later, a dear friend whom I know well and who is unfortunately suffering from schizophrenia contacted me saying that she felt distressed and desperate. Not knowing exactly how to help her, I took the new questionnaire and described her as faithfully as possible and used the new software to calculate the Bach flower remedy most suitable for her. As soon as she took the first drops of the remedy, she experienced a deep relaxation, and a great inner calm, as she had never experienced in her life. I was very surprised by this positive and immediate effect.


Through these first experiences, I understood that the key point for the effectiveness of Bach flowers remedies is the identification of the exact combination, specific to each person. Bach’s remedies follow the logic that Edward Lorenz summed up in the famous phrase: “The flapping of a butterfly’s wings in the Amazon can cause a hurricane in the United States.” This means that if the remedy is extremely precise it can generate consistent effects. When the combination of the flowers is precise, the power of the remedy is amplified and the effects are simply amazing.



How to proceed


1) Download the files:

   a) questionnaire;

   b) the Excel file (000.xlsx) used to send the answers;

   c) the Excel file with the information necessary for the invoice (Invoice.xlsx).


You will find the downloaded files in the Downloads folder in “File Manager”


If you already have many files in the Downloads folder, it can be confusing. The advice is to start by deleting from the Download folder all the files that you don’t need (generally all) and then to download the 3 files that you here need: a) questionnaire; b) Excel used to send the answers; c) Excel for the invoice.


2) Answer the questionnaire. Print the questionnaire or work directly on the Excel file (000.xlsx). The questionnaire uses the sentences that Bach himself used to describe the properties of the flowers he identified. You must describe yourself using scores from 0 to 10, based on how much you find yourself in each sentence. Because of the masks that we all unconsciously use, it is difficult to describe ourselves truthfully. However, in order to identify the exact remedy, the important thing is to respond as carefully and truthfully as possible. If you find it useful, get help from friends or people who know you well. This can turn into a game that improves mutual knowledge and relationships. If there are no friends who can help you, turn to experts such as psychologists and psychotherapists. The questionnaire is anonymous and the answers will be used only for the calculation of the Bach flower remedy.


3) Copy the responses in the Excel file for sending the replies. If you are submitting multiple questionnaires, fill an Excel file for each questionnaire. Rename each Excel file by numbering them: for example, 001 for the first questionnaire, 002 for the second, etc. You will receive as many response files as there are Excel files that you have sent.


4) Fill in the Excel file with the data for the invoice, by entering your Name and Surname, Address and eventually VAT number. The line highlighted in yellow will automatically be completed. By sending the email with the data for the invoice, you provide the authorization to process this data for the issue of the invoice. The use of your data will be limited to the issue of the invoice.


5) Make the payment. To contribute to the recovery phase after the COVID, we decided to offer the processing at the lowest possible cost of € 9.90 for the first questionnaire and € 5 for any other questionnaire that you will add to the same email. For example, if you send two Excel files (two questionnaires) the total cost will be € 14.90. Make your payment using the account of Ulisse Di Corpo IBAN: IT42V0760103200000083578013 (BIC/SWIFT BPPIITRRXXX). Insert in the motivation “BACH FLOWERS”.


6) Send the email to with:

  a) an Excel file for each questionnaire;

  b) the Excel file with the data to issue the invoice (Name and Surname, Address and Tax Code or VAT number);

  c) copy of the payment receipt. IMPORTANT! Send the payment receipt in pdf, or as a “screenshot”, or a photo. Do not copy the payment details in your email, this adds additional work for you and for us.


7) You will receive the email with as many Pdf files as there are Excel files sent by you. Each Pdf file will have the same name as the Excel file sent. You will therefore find a Pdf file with the invoice and a Pdf file with the combination of Bach flowers for each Excel file you sent with the answers to the questionnaire.


8) Go to the herbalist and have the Bach flower remedy prepared, following exactly the combination as you received it and without any modification.


9) Edward Bach recommended taking 4 drops, 4 times a day, diluted in water or another drink. However, when the remedy is extremely precise, and therefore very effective, fewer drops may suffice. For example, some people we worked with take a drop of the remedy twice a day and this gives them a huge benefit.


10) Bach recommended using the same Bach flower combination for a maximum period of 4 months. However, Bach flower remedies activate changes that lead to the combination losing its precision and effectiveness. If you notice that the effectiveness of the remedy is decreasing, it is appropriate to repeat the questionnaire and update the flowers combination.






If you have a disease for which you are following a medical therapy, you should continue with this therapy as prescribed by your doctor.



The questionnaire and software were developed by Antonella Vannini, psychologist and psychotherapist, and by Ulisse Di Corpo, computer scientist, statistician and psychologist.





Bach believed that everyone has a purpose and that suffering and disease signal the difficulty we face in pursuing this goal. In those who use Bach flower remedies, a progressive regression of suffering is observed up to the initial questions: the meaning and purpose of our existence and loneliness. Bach flower remedies do not answer these questions, however they are part of a scientific model that is described in the book “Bach’s flower remedies, synchronicities and attractors”.


In a similar way to homeopathy, the active ingredients of Bach flowers are diluted to the point that no molecule can be present in the remedy. In 1963 the meteorologist Edward Lorenz, discovered that when dealing with attractors and water, a small vibration can produce an amplifying effect. Lorenz described this strange phenomenon with the phrase: “The flap of a butterfly’s wings in the Amazon can cause a hurricane in the United States.” However, the small vibration of wings (the active ingredient) is amplified only if it is perfectly in line with the attractor. The same happens for Bach flowers remedies, among the over 60 billion possible combinations, only one will produce incredible effects.